Summer Camps

Imagine a place where your child can soar beyond their limits on the court, a place where the squeak of sneakers on polished hardwood becomes the soundtrack to their summer days. Spark Basketball Camp is that very place, an environment that nurtures both skill and spirit, where each bounce of the ball echoes the beat of progress.

At Spark, we believe that every child deserves to shine. Our camp is staffed with professional coaches whose expertise is matched only by their passion for the game. These seasoned mentors have the experience and knowledge gleaned from years on the courts, and they're eager to pass on this wisdom to the next generation of players.

Our facilities are state-of-the-art, providing your child with the same quality of courts, equipment, and training technology that professional players access. But at Spark, it's not just about the physical game; it's about fostering a positive experience. We meet every camper at their level, regardless of ability, and craft a path of growth tailored just for them.

Enrolling your child in Spark Basketball Camp means giving them more than just a place to play basketball; it's giving them a community that champions their development, celebrates their achievements, and supports their journey as both players and people. This is where confidence is built, where friendships are formed, and where children learn to love the game in a whole new way.

Let your child be part of something bigger this summer. Let them ignite their potential at Spark Basketball Camp, where every dribble is a step towards greatness.

Memorial | Summer 2024

Monday, June 3 - Thursday, June 6

1st - 8th Grade Girls & Boys

Memorial High School | 9 AM - 4 PM

$375 Regular Price

$325 Sibling Price

$300 Early Bird Pricing Ends January 31, 2024

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